Performance review meeting template

One-on-one meeting template to bring your performance review to a meaningful conclusion and establish a foundation for future growth.
Performance review meeting template

Meeting agenda template

Performance review results

  • How are you? How do you feel about this performance review?

  • Do you agree with the results? Was anything new or surprising to you?

  • What do you think about the feedback you received? Do you need any clarification?

  • What did you learn from this review? Your key takeaways?

  • What do you see are the key opportunities to grow for you?

  • Let's go through your professional and personal development goals for the next few months.

  • Do you have any feedback about the review process or the way I communicated my feedback?

Performance review meeting template in Plai

Use this template in Plai. Save time, boost your productivity, never lose track of a follow-up action item again. Be prepared and have better, more meaningful conversations with your team. They will thank you! ❤️
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